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Why Women More Interested Adventurers Men

VIVAnews - Though most women are often expressed his dislike to the man who 'narcissistic' and playboy, but a new study reveals precisely why the air more easily lured adventurous man.

A university study conducted in New Mexico State, Las Cruses city, showed that women often can not reject the arrogance and selfishness of men. This fact is confirmed by studies involving more than 200 participants. In this study proved, a man belonging to adventurer and self-centered narcissist can become a magnet for women.

The test was designed to determine how successful one's bad character can be known. To measure in this test were observed several male characters. Starting from psychopathic impulse, the desire to do something challenging, a willingness to do activities that put their own interests, and habits of self pride.

In addition to direct observation, the study participants were also asked to answer questionnaires about their attitudes toward sex activities. The study participants also reported how many times dimnta dating, and relationship duration.

Result, the researchers found, men classified as 'narcissistic' and selfish thing that has the highest number of dating couples, and only survive in the short-term relationship.
Seeing the results of these studies, should think about it before you get stuck in a relationship with a male adventurer.


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