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"Red Wine or White Wine?"

VIVAnews - Wine has two main types, namely red wine (red wine) and white wine (white wine). Both types of wine come from the type of wine used. Wine color is not like the color of grape juice that looks more clear. Wine color quality is also determined a few other things.

Determine the color of wine fermentation. Although red wine from red grapes, red wine obtained from a process called soaking (maceration). Red wine from red grapes or black grapes. Hundreds of types of grapes to produce wines of different beverages as well.

Types of grapes affects the taste of wine is produced. White wine can be fermented from grapes of color, from dark-colored wine that is pink.
One of the most famous wine is cabaret sauvignon. Cabaret sauvignon wine comes from the Bordeaux region, France that produces red wine. Another red wine is also popular Merlot wines.

There are several types of wine with the taste of chocolate and cherry. Grenache Wine become the kind of red wine other than the famous Burgundy region of France. Grenache has the basic ingredients raspberries, mint and black cherry. Another type of well-known wine is Zinfandel is made in Europe but most of the plants grown in the area of California, Anerika States.

Type the famous white wine is Chardonnay. Wine contains a mixture of vanilla and fruit. California produces kinds of white wine Chenin Blancs. Chenin Blancs are a cheaper alternative than Chardonnay. Chenin Blancs contains apples and other spices. Another type of white wine is Pinot Gris. Pinot Gris from Oregon and the rich aroma of spices. White wine Riesling from Germany has a scent of fruit.
White Zinfandel wine, a type of wine with the sweetness of California. White Zinfandel is processed from red Zinfandel grapes are peeled.


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