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How to avoid contracting the disease in aircraft

In addition to comfortable travel using aircraft also faster compared to other means of transportation, but do you know that the aircraft is one of the nest of germs. With so many threats such as H1N1 viruses, those who travel at more closely recommend when flying.

Smarter Travel recommends some ways to prevent disease when go by plane:

•Do not put items in the bag in the back seat. Passengers hold everything there ranging from gross tissue to dirty diapers, so that the bag contains many germs and bacteria.

•If possible ask for bottled water. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the aircraft water tanks often contain total coliform bacteria.

•Avoid using a pillow and blanket on an airplane personnel offer because it allows a nest of germs because many people use.

•Wipe the back and tray table with tissue sanitation.

•Use a tissue to flush the toilet, turned on the taps and the bathroom doorknob.

•A recent study in the Journal of Environmental Health Research said, passengers likely 100 times greater pain on an airplane in an appeal in the everyday environment.

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