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5 Minute Towards 100% of you

Working all day in front of the computer or behind a desk with a stack of files that need to be examined is tedious and tiring. Shoulders and the muscles of the body feels stiff and the fingers are almost curly. Well if within five minutes the body can come back refreshed ...
Just follow the five-minute step toward 100% of your style Woman Only following:
First Minute:

1. In a seated lift your hands up and pull your body upward, to the right, and to the left.
2. Goup of your seat, but do not rush to leave your seat, stand for a few seconds while you repeat the above stretching movements.

Minute two:
1. Relax your legs with a walk around the room.
2. Tilt your face and let the cold AC ,AC hit your face for 7-9 seconds.

Minute three:
Enjoy warm lemon tea or fresh fruit juice.

Minute four:
Go to the balcony, or garden and sit there until the fifth minute. Breathe fresh air, or at least feel the wind in your face.
How much more fresh and vibrant again right? Now you can go back to your desk with a smile you 100%. Good work again.


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