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Photo of People who love can Reduce The Pain

Photo of people in love is one of the things we most love, as a healer when we miss, and as friends as quiet. But it was not only that, there are other benefits. A study done at UCLA's department of psychology shows, just looking at pictures of people who care can reduce the pain. A lover's hand also helps reduce pain.

The study included 25 women most students at UCLA who had a good relationship with their boyfriend for at least 6 months. Participants receive a hot stimuli on their forearm. They then reported their pain levels, looking at photos boyfriend, photos of people not known and he saw a picture of a chair.

They also receive a stimulus and reported pain while holding her boyfriend, with people not in the know and squeezed the ball. The result in the find, the presence of a boyfriend, whether holding hands or just look at their photos, reduce pain participants.

The results of the study to change the view of how social support affects people. Previously researchers suspect, that social support makes us happy, it should support is very responsive to the needs of our emotional. But it only saw the pictures can be soul mates same effect.

Practical advice of the researchers, if your lover can not with you when you experience a painful event, try to take their picture

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