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Overcoming Hair Loss

Hair is an integral part for a woman, hair beauty is a very important requirement to support an attractive appearance. But what if our hair problems, especially loss problem. Certainly very disturbing of course, but how to overcome this?

Mostly the hair loss caused by 2 factors, namely the hereditary factor or factors in the offspring and can be. Loss due to hereditary factors is not much that can be done but does not prevent the loss went so fast. While the factors that can, there is a caused by the disease and there is also the fault of the hair treatment. For example lack of blood , factors such as drugs anti-dandruff, hormonal factors, especially hormone androgen, factor cosmetics and hairdo.

To overcome this problem must be on preventing the factors that cause hair loss in many ways a natural medicine or cosmetic ingredients that can nourish the hair back through fall. However, its use must comply with the recommended doses, because of the excessive use will damage the hair.
The eagle recovers around a mark!

Photo of People who love can Reduce The Pain

Photo of people in love is one of the things we most love, as a healer when we miss, and as friends as quiet. But it was not only that, there are other benefits. A study done at UCLA's department of psychology shows, just looking at pictures of people who care can reduce the pain. A lover's hand also helps reduce pain.

The study included 25 women most students at UCLA who had a good relationship with their boyfriend for at least 6 months. Participants receive a hot stimuli on their forearm. They then reported their pain levels, looking at photos boyfriend, photos of people not known and he saw a picture of a chair.

They also receive a stimulus and reported pain while holding her boyfriend, with people not in the know and squeezed the ball. The result in the find, the presence of a boyfriend, whether holding hands or just look at their photos, reduce pain participants.

The results of the study to change the view of how social support affects people. Previously researchers suspect, that social support makes us happy, it should support is very responsive to the needs of our emotional. But it only saw the pictures can be soul mates same effect.

Practical advice of the researchers, if your lover can not with you when you experience a painful event, try to take their picture

How to avoid contracting the disease in aircraft

In addition to comfortable travel using aircraft also faster compared to other means of transportation, but do you know that the aircraft is one of the nest of germs. With so many threats such as H1N1 viruses, those who travel at more closely recommend when flying.

Smarter Travel recommends some ways to prevent disease when go by plane:

•Do not put items in the bag in the back seat. Passengers hold everything there ranging from gross tissue to dirty diapers, so that the bag contains many germs and bacteria.

•If possible ask for bottled water. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the aircraft water tanks often contain total coliform bacteria.

•Avoid using a pillow and blanket on an airplane personnel offer because it allows a nest of germs because many people use.

•Wipe the back and tray table with tissue sanitation.

•Use a tissue to flush the toilet, turned on the taps and the bathroom doorknob.

•A recent study in the Journal of Environmental Health Research said, passengers likely 100 times greater pain on an airplane in an appeal in the everyday environment.

Overcoming Jaw Pain

Jaw joints, including the most widely used in the body. Jaw worked every time we talk, chew or swallow. No wonder if more than 10 million Americans, 90% of them women, suffer from Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) that makes the jaw pain and can make ears, eyes, neck and shoulder pain.
The good news is, research shows 3 of 4 patients experienced relief TMD using only remedy is safe at home. Among them:

•Warm Water bathing

If the jaw is often sore, try a warm bath in the morning and before bed. Heat increases blood flow to the muscles around the jaw, jaw relaxed and help speed healing. Said experts from the UCS Dentisty's School of Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine Graduate Program.

•Fish oil drink

THD pain often caused tissue swelling around the jaw, which can cause hormonal changes during menstruation or gnashing of teeth when stressed. To overcome get omega-3 fatty fish from the increased production of anti-inflammatory lipid bodies. Try taking a supplement of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA per day if often have TMD.

•Improve Posture

Studis-linking studies with the body bent TMD, but the technique posture exercises can reduce TMD pain in 42% patients. To overcome the pain: lift her chin to the back so that the ear is above the shoulders. Hold 5 minutes and repeat.

•Avoid hard foods

Chewing hard foods such as steaks, caramel increasing stress on the jaw muscles. If jaw pain, jaw rest with soft foods such as pasta or soup. Foods that are friends with the jaws: snacks such as chips and candy lollipop.

•Relax with Yoga

Everyday stress can trigger unhealthy behaviors. But by reducing the tension with yoga or other meditation can reduce TMD pain.

Chocolate Make Smarter

These sweets are favorite foods most people, the taste is sweet and delicious to make many people like. Lots of food creations using the basic ingredients of chocolate, because it's a lot of brown food demand.

But who would have thought it was a delicious addition Chocolate also had a very good benefits for our intelligence, a Jesuit university study showed that after eating milk chocolate, men and women who score significantly higher on tests of memory and problem solving tests.

It turned out that the benefits of chocolate is as sweet as the taste... ... ..

Suggestions For A Good Leader

To become a good leader does not hurt to run some of the following suggestions:

1.Set a clear direction, a leader must be able to arrange the itinerary for travel in the future. If you can not develop in that direction, you are just a manager not a leader.

2.Create a culture based on innovation and cooperation.

3.Stay focused and simple.

4.Respect your customers.

5.Recruit the best people, because the biggest asset is your staff.

6.Treat employees like customers.

7.Commitment to diversity and social responsibility. Do something for the community around.

8.Make technology your friend, use to create new products, new distribution channels and improve communications.

9.To grow future leaders, leadership development observe every employee who works in a team.

10.Leading by the example. Cultivate your customers and employees who maintain the customer, the benefits will be maintained by itself.

5 Minute Towards 100% of you

Working all day in front of the computer or behind a desk with a stack of files that need to be examined is tedious and tiring. Shoulders and the muscles of the body feels stiff and the fingers are almost curly. Well if within five minutes the body can come back refreshed ...
Just follow the five-minute step toward 100% of your style Woman Only following:
First Minute:

1. In a seated lift your hands up and pull your body upward, to the right, and to the left.
2. Goup of your seat, but do not rush to leave your seat, stand for a few seconds while you repeat the above stretching movements.

Minute two:
1. Relax your legs with a walk around the room.
2. Tilt your face and let the cold AC ,AC hit your face for 7-9 seconds.

Minute three:
Enjoy warm lemon tea or fresh fruit juice.

Minute four:
Go to the balcony, or garden and sit there until the fifth minute. Breathe fresh air, or at least feel the wind in your face.
How much more fresh and vibrant again right? Now you can go back to your desk with a smile you 100%. Good work again.